Indian education system in schools

Indian education system in schools : a complete mess

Indian education system in schools

Indian education system in schools

Indian education system in schools needs a certain revival. “Education is botheration from generation to generation. If not succession then the father’s humiliation and mother’s consolation and the only option left is cultivation, which is the ultimate solution of our nation to create national integration”
We live in a country where the pressure to do better than others is always there. One can never be free and can think about the positions he/she wants to take charge of and this starts at a very initial stage of our education system. The fact that education is meant to nurture the best and the most effective potential of a person is not really changing anything rather it’s damaging the student’s uniqueness. More than studies, we need to teach life to the students in school because they are not aware of the world , which is going to judge them at every single step. To make them that strong ,we have to let them feel free about doing anything they want.

Everyone of us needs to have our own Share of failures to learn from them because the stories by others are truly manipulative in a loud country like ours,where people might speak even if they don’t know anything. Well I do respect someone’s wisdom but the wisdom is something we can refer for extended learning and maybe not for the educational betterment.

When I was in school , I used to think about the people living in a slum nearby and their kids who were going to a muddy school everyday to learn something,which can eradicate their poverty but those dreams were dreaded by the unipolar system of our education. We are building bigger and better infrastructures in cities and places where the cost of living is more but what about those 300 million Indians , who still can’t provide their children a clean slate to write their future? Is it not a shame for a nation so old that we are not capable to educate our own children? Why is the government showing its double standards and laughing at those poor dreams by not providing them the proper platform to rise and to make a better future?

Our school education system is a big mess ,where we are taught anything and everything to just keep on increasing the load in the head but are those loads really worthy of holding our heads? These facts alone are sufficient to ring the alarm bells that India’s school education system needs desperate changes, to provide students with the competitive edge, that other countries’ education system is providing.

The number one thing to note about this is the fact that most schools that offer education focus on textbooks and they completely lack in giving students a hands-on experience. It’s common knowledge that a child who does not have much exposure with other children often have difficulties in reaching basic milestones like talking, walking, and many more but a child that is exposed with adults and other children often have a faster time developing their skills. If a student is given thousands of books to read but not given enough time to apply what he has learned, he will not be able to develop his skills and will definitely not be able to keep hold of his future. So it’s better our government learn soon and help those dreams come alive before they start feeling a guilt of their life because their uniqueness is our strength and the government must find a way to nurture every unique potential of a child.

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