Grow flowers in your garden - Let Your brain do the Flowering

Grow flowers in your garden | Let Your brain do the Flowering

Grow flowers in your garden - Let Your brain do the Flowering

Grow flowers in your garden

Grow flowers in your garden – Our mind is like a garden so if you don’t plant flowers and help it to tend, to be something positively productive then there is no point of gardening because only rain without any grain can’t grow any flower but only grass, that maybe green enough to survive but it will not have the blossom of a flower filled with positive energy . That energy is what you need to keep your eyes on, always and every-time. you must grow flowers inside your head in order to reinvent anything as per your ability to outshine everything else.
Growing those flowers means giving your brain a sense of freedom to think as much as it can because a free mind can have a better flowering in its garden .
This art of flowering our mind is called “Self affirmation”.

Self affirmation, a gymind for the development of our brain. You may call it as the best yoga posture inside our head to strengthen our brain.

Once you can realise and appreciate what you are doing, affirm that the things you are doing are the fruits of those flowers seeded in your head then you will have the answer to any problem you face.The flowers seeded must be tended properly in order obtain the sweetest fruit from your garden.

Tendering of your thought is just like watering your garden with all the required fertilisers to make those plants stand tall even in the days when there is no rain.

Fill your mind with all the positive affirmations. Sometimes you may have harsh affirmations like, you are not right or you shouldn’t do it but it’s not gonna stop you from getting the fruits you always deserved as long as you accept the truth.

So basically there is a right way to everything and all you have got to do is to accept these harsh affirmations and it will change your life for ever.
Let your brain garden the flowers filled with all the positive affirmations which will enhance it’s quality and the fruits you will have, will be the sweetest.

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