Here Are The Most Evident Reasons I Love Writing

The Most Evident Reasons I Love Writing

Reasons I Love Writing

writing is something which comes naturally to me. I myself being an introvert, I like the idea of placing my own bit of feeling about anything and everything on a piece of paper. I still remember the first time I wrote an essay in school. My teacher applauded me in front of all the other students in the class but at that point of time, I didn’t know if I really deserved that applaud because I had not put any extra effort for it but later I realised that it’s the best way for me to communicate and since then Writing became a part of my life.

As I grew older, Writing was no longer just an essay competition for me. I started taking it seriously but the fact that I enjoyed the process so much it makes me do it again and again.

here are the Reasons I Love Writing;

The Most Evident Reasons I Love Writing

1. It tells me who I am

What I write is what I think and what I think is what I am. Our belief turn itself into thoughts as soon as we give strength to our belief and our thought is what we put down on paper as an art of Imagination.

Whatever we write, certainly defines who we are because the soul of any particular writing belongs only to the person who has originally written it. The fact that we think before we write about anything turns our brain into action about the topic we are writing, which makes a huge impact in the style of writing and eventually turn out to be a different viewpoint.

2. Never get bored

When you do something you really wanna do, it never bore you rather it feels more like fun. Writing have always been a source of recreation to me as it always reciprocated a platform where I can elaborate the idea of being me. There used to be time in my life when I used to be bored at all the instances. Few denote it as ‘tough times’ but I see it as a way to expand your bit of idea tilting to turn into a huge source of inspiration for the people around.

Well, I am saying this because sometimes in life when I get to go through some tough situations, Writing turns out to be a saviour for me every time I fumbled in life. It always lets me express myself in a way I will want to portray my feelings in front of anyone I would want to.

3. Freedom

Freedom is the very obvious Reasons I Love Writing. Writing certainly gives me the freedom of delivering my written expression in a way I love doing it. There are so many things I want to talk about all the time but the fact that I am an introvert makes it much more difficult for me to open up vocally in front of people around. But then I found my own way of being vocal through the art of putting thoughts on a piece of paper.

 4. Widen my Imagination

Well this is the most certain Reasons I Love Writing. Writing certainly gives me a wide sense of thinking and those thoughts turning into Imagination, makes my writing an uniquely unique. The more I write about any particular topic, more I tend to dive deep inside the subject. While writing we don’t only think rather we learn as much we think. Many times while doing research about any particular topic, I come across so many new things which blows my mind. Those new ideas if impactful, definitely be a part of my way of approaching anything.

5.It makes me happy

Nothing makes me happier than the feeling of having written something really good. Even something bad, I guess, although that also makes me feel terrible at the same time. But like the little girl with the little curl right in the middle of her forehead, when it’s good it feels very, very good. There have been instances when i used to be unhappy for many obvious reasons turning to tow down my emotional beliefs but writing always provided enough strength to believe in me and most importantly it makes me happy.

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