World I want to live in

The World I Want to Live in !  While growing up, we dream of living in a paradise. We want to live in a world in which streams of chocolate run through our feet and we can lie on beds of flower. Our belief is that we can laugh and be merry. We don’t think of hardships or stress. Our vision is that of an ideal world in which we do not lack anything.

However, as we grow up, we catch up with the realities of the world and realize that life is not a fantasy. It is not something we can take for granted, but even then, we cannot be denied that one moment when we totally wonder away from reality and live in our dream world. This is the The World I Want to Live in – the world that I see when I close my eyes.

I will now describe to you as vividly as possible the world I see when I close my eyes.

World I want to live in

The World I Want to Live in is when I wake up to a surreal and perfect morning in which the chirping of birds perched on my thatched house will compel me to appreciate nature. If birds can sing that melodiously without going to a school of music, then there is something that Mother Nature can teach us about life.

World I want to live in

When I turn on the radio or television to listen to the morning news, I do not want to hear of the fighting in the Gaza strip or the civil war happening somewhere in Africa. I want to hear about what other people are doing to inspire and motivate others.

No poverty

World I want to live in

In as much as I love and appreciate donors, I want to live in a world in which there are no beggars. Those who have will not only bring fish to the poor, they will also be shown the way to the river. You do not empower a poor person by giving him lunch, you empower him by teaching him how to fend for himself.

United World

World I want to live in

I wish I could live in a world in which people are not divided by race, color, sexual orientation, gender, or religious affiliation. Women should be allowed to choose what’s best for them and what makes them happy. I long to live in a world in which men are judged by virtue of their characters. I hope this ideal world of mine will respect women as much as it respects men. They should also be given equal opportunities as men and have the right to marry a man after their own heart.

Happy Family

World I want to live in

Lastly and importantly, I wish to live in a world in which a man takes his role as the protector and provider of his family. A man should be the pride of his family and I wish to wake up to a complete family in which I would wish my lovely children a happy day knowing that I won’t be seeing them for the last time. I also want to be able to wake up next to a beautiful wife who will honestly tell me that she loves me.

I also want to live in a world where I know that I will die someday. The beauty of life is not living forever but leaving a legacy that the future generations will hold onto. I will live each day to build that legacy.

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