Five Lies My Teacher Told Me : Success Tips for the New Generation

Five Lies My Teacher Told Me: Success Tips for the New Generation

Five Lies My Teacher Told Me

Author – Chandan Deshmukh

Recommended (Good) – 3.5/5

Who determines your success?

Choose: Suma Aunty, that nosy relative whom you meet in family functions a) Ravi, your Facebook friend whose posts are all about his ‘great’ life b) You

Success of course means different things for different people, but wanting success is universal. Many of us make the mistake of being flabbergasted by the achievements of those who have gone before us. We see them as superiors and consequently, belittle ourselves and thus end up with far lesser than what we deserve. We become our greatest enemy.

Is success something that happens by chance or are there a few things that one can do to achieve it? In this wonderful new book by the best-selling author of Six Secrets Smart Students Don’t Tell You, success is unpacked and its many secrets defined in simple terms.

The lessons of 5 Lies My Teacher Told Me are simple. They are easy to put into action from Day 1. And they are guaranteed to take you where you belong.

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