How to attract money? - Wanting money is a fundamental right

How to attract money? – Wanting money is a fundamental right

how to attract money

Wanting money is a fundamental right of human being – How to attract money?

How to attract money?

How to attract money? – According to Dr. Joseph Murphy your subconscious desires attract those very forces towards you. Hence, if you are always thinking about your problems, it is likely that more problems will come your way. Wanting money is a fundamental right of every human being. They want to live a decent life which is possible only with money. To obtain this wealth, along with the positive actions of your conscious mind, you have to train your subconscious as well. If you go to sleep thinking about wealth, it will gradually permeate your subconscious and bring positive vibes your way which will be followed by wealth.

Says Dr. Murphy, “Wealth is a state of consciousness; it is a mind conditioned to Divine supply forever flowing.” . Dr. Murphy is a bestselling author of the book, The Power of your Subconscious Mind.

Dr. Joseph Murphy was born in Ireland in 1898. He was raised as a Roman Catholic and was about to be ordained a priest when an encounter with a healing prayer made him leave everything and work as a Chemist in New York. Gradually he moved towards newer Divine Sciences and be-came a Minister. He spent his life lecturing people and gathering a very large following. His lec-tures were attended heavily and the Church of Divine Science became one of the largest in Los An-geles.

Later he took to writing several books which became best sellers and were translated in several languages. The Power of your Subconscious Mind sold millions and never went out of print, such was its demand. He died in 1981 but his legacy was carried forward by his wife initially and later by

Dr. Murphy changed the lives of people all over the world. His legacy is being carried forward by the at Dr. Murphy wrote, taught, counselled and lectured to thousands of people all over the world, as Minister-Director of the Church of Divine Science in Los Angeles. His lectures and sermons were attended by thousands of people every Sunday. Millions of people tuned in his daily radio program and have read the over 30 books that he has written. Dr. Joseph Murphy has been acclaimed as a major figure in the human potential movement, the spiritual heir to writers like James Allen, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill and Norman Vincent Peale and a precursor and inspirer of contemporary motivational writers and speakers like Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar and Earl Nightingale. He was one of the best selling authors in the mid-twentieth century. His book The Power of your Subconscious Mind has sold millions of copies and has been translated into seventeen languages. This book has never been out of print and is still one of the best sellers in the self-help genre.

Over the years Dr. Murphy has given lectures and radio talks to audiences all over the world. In his lectures he points out how real people have radically improved their lives by applying specific aspects of his concepts and gives the listener guidelines on how they too can enrich their lives.

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