Your step by step guide to start a blog - How to start a Blog?

How to start a Blog?

How to start a Blog?

Your step by step guide to start a blog – How to start a Blog?

How to start a Blog?

With the world moving towards a new trend of digital modification, blogging is a great platform to look up to. More than a profession, Blogging is a process which probably needs a little more time than other professions to understand it’s nature. Blogging can never be a rag to rich story. As you grow old as a blogger, you start feeling more comfort and freedom with your textual communication with audience. Well, If you are to start a blog, Read this complete post about How to start a blog?

Decide your Blog Niche:

Deciding the blog niche is as similar as picking the most efficient and high performing book for exam preparation. Look for anything that interests you because if not, blogging will eventually turn boring for you. When I started blogging, I was very much confused about the niche but I just said it a day and started a blog. I didn’t have much idea about it but the only thing which still keeps me going is the fact that I love writing. Slowly & gradually I started liking the idea of sharing useful information with others using a platform so common to people these days. Blogging can be a boon for the people who are intellects but introverts, just like me. I started writing about motivation & success in my blogs and eventually it turned out good for me. I started getting more and more ideas about different topics as i was spending more time in it. The most important steps while deciding a niche can be summed up in three keys:

  • Find what interests you. 
  • Make a plan about the subject you are going to talk about. Well, don’t just plan, Keep a note of everything.
  • Write minimum of 5-10 articles before publishing the first one

Even if you are not able to find what interests you, don’t worry because as you keep publishing, you tend to analyse what’s working for you and what’s not. Try different niche, read other blogs, look for ideas and if you are keen, You will end up finding your niche.

Register your Domain:

Pick a name:

Try to pick a name which is relevant to your subject of interest, It connects well with the audience and it also helps with SEO perspective. One should also make sure that the length of name is not more than 15 characters. Picking a name might not be as easy as you might think. There are millions of websites and don’t be shocked if the name you pick is not available, look for other names and decide the best fitting name for your blog.

Pick a domain registrar & register:

Well there are many websites on the web, but I personally prefer Godaddy because of their great support. You can also go for Bigrock or Hostgators to find the suitable plan as per your budget. Now that you have picked a registrar, register your domain name for a minimum of 1 year. Try to register a https instead of http, It adds real value to the domain. 

Find a Host:

web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. If you are a blogger, the best platform to host your website will be WordPress. Most of bloggers prefer WordPress because It’s really easy to set up and also easy to operate. You can also opt for other service providers such as Godady, Hostgators, Namecheap and many others but i will recommend to go for WordPress, If you are just starting a blog. Everything is so simple and smooth that you will end up loving WordPress. Now don’t wait just get started.

Now in order to learn setting up your website, Read our article on How to set up Your WordPress Website?

Hope this post on How to start a blog? was Informative enough for you to start a blog. If you have any other question which i couldn’t cover, Do let me know in the comments section below. To stay updated with our posts in the future, Please subscribe to our website.

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