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We all want to change the world. Let’s start by sharing your wisdom to inspire life and make Earth a wiser Kingdom.

Inspiration Is Simple

Everyone can Inspire, because each one of us have our own story. We at Curling Tale believe that your learnings in life might turn out to be a huge source of inspiration for others who are seeking to be YOU. What makes the difference is the keen eye for simplicity and beauty. Beauty lies in the life of every Human Being.

Well, just like everyone you might have fallen on your face but then tell us about when you pushed your shoulder up to face the life again. Your life is as beautiful as any Tom-kerry love story. Believe me, You are the hero of your Life. Tell us your story, It can be just an event for you but your learnings can be better utilised. It can teach someone life and most importantly It can change someone’s Life.

⇒Can You Inspire?

Our belief is that Your wisdom might turn out to be the key to someone’s happiness. Let’s make this world a happy place by sharing our little wisdom. We will write your story, send us in any format (Text, audio or Video) send it to or

Your Heroics

You Inspired a happy world

Our Inspiration

Your Heroics turned into Inspiration

Can You Inspire?

It's your turn to share your wisdom

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We are always looking for Inspiration. If anything Inspires You, Let us know at or If you want to learn more about us, Follow us in Social platforms to keep updated.

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