Tale of India's Biggest YouTube Star Bhuvan Bam | BB Ki Vines Fame

Tale of India’s Biggest YouTube Star Bhuvan Bam

India's Biggest YouTube Star Bhuvan Bam

Tale of India’s Biggest YouTube Star Bhuvan Bam

India’s Biggest YouTube Star Bhuvan Bam

YouTube has become an astounding platform to showcase your talent to the world. We get to see varieties of videos consisting movie trailers, documentaries, music videos, inspirational videos, stand-up comedy and so many others. Nowadays, we are experiencing a sudden spike in people who are becoming instant celebrities. A rare bit of talent always goes a long way; and the internet has given a world stage to ensure that.

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How it Started for India’s Biggest YouTube Star Bhuvan Bam?

We would be talking about a similar instance which propelled this prominent YouTuber into a grand success story. One can never receive success readily on a silver platter; we need to work our butts off to get it. Bhuvan Bam is one such example, we have heard a lot about him through his YouTube channel BB KI Vines and also he collaborates with another prominent channel called The Viral Fever. He has achieved success through his wits and his ability to understand the Gen-Y with a lot more suave than most people.

Hailing from Delhi, he used to do odd jobs in restaurants, but his interest lay in music. He used to compose his songs and then sing them at the same restaurant. Even though he is into the Vines project but “music is his first love” quotes Bhuvan. He used to perform shows across the globe but making humorous videos was something that he wanted to do. He started his very first YouTube channel called The Chakhna Issue, but it didn’t take off the way it should have.  Gradually he started releasing videos which were mostly humorous and explicit in content and he received 15k views for the same.

Fame & Recognition:

B.B. KI Vines shot him to fame in Pakistan initially and steadily it grew popular in India. B.B. KI Vines is mainly a string of videos which personified the life of an urban teenager. He focused on issues which were trivial, easy going and normal but in a way which is satirical, humorous, explicit and fun to watch. He accurately represented the struggles of what the Gen Y faces and leaves us in splits. All of his videos are recorded by himself, all the characters are played by him and the way in which he merges all these stories into one is an art.

His style of video making and the content has been widely appreciated by the audience, specifically the younger generation. Famous Indian rapper Raftaar was so mesmerized by his videos that he even invited him to collaborate on his videos. Popular comedy channels like The Viral Fever and All India Bakchod (AIB) have also collaborated with him on several of their videos.

Inspite of his fame and success he remains the most humble and down-to-earth guy ever. During his recent TEDx talk, he focused on originality and being different. As per him, it’s just fine if people do not appreciate what you do at first because that’s what they do. It’s what you want to do that matters and are you willing to work for it or not, and that’s how B.B. Ki Vines came into existence. It was just a thought that came into his mind and he was able to make it a reality and now he has over a billion views on his videos, over 8 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He has become a sensation unlike anything which we have seen before and we wish him a great future ahead.

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