Anand Mahindra on rape, “I am ready to be hanged to hang rapists”

Anand Mahindra on rape, "I am ready to be hanged to hang rapists"

Anand Mahindra on rape, “I am ready to be hanged to hang rapists”

Industrialist Anand Mahindra on Rape tweeted, “I am also ready to become a executioner for the punishment of girl-girl rapists and killers.”

Anand Mahindra says, "I am ready to be hanged to hang rapists"
Anand Mahindra opens up about the problem of rape in India and the need of Quick law enforcement against any Rape related criminal.

The anger of the people in the country is on the agitation against the Kathua and Unnao Rape . People are protesting everywhere in the country for justice. The bodies of a 9-year-old girl were recovered from Surat in Gujarat on Sunday, with more than 80 scars on her body. After a day in the postmortem report, the rap was confirmed with the child. After seeing the wounds found in the body of the child, doctors had told that it has been torched for more than 7 days.  

The job of executioner is not an aspirational job. But for the execution of brutal rapists & murderers of young girls I would volunteer unhesitatingly. I work hard to stay calm, but my blood boils over to see this happen in our country..

 Amongst all these, the anger of industrialist Anand Mahindra, who went on the social media for his calm nature, was also seen on Twitter. After getting the news of the rape of the girl in Surat, Mahindra Group chairman Anand Mahindra tweeted, “Well, nobody wants to do the work of hangman, but for the punishment of girls rapists and murderers, I am doing this job. I am ready to do I try hard to stay calm, but when there are such incidents in the country, my blood is raised. ‘

It is worth noting that the body of the child was found lying in the bushes near the cricket ground on April 6 in Surat. Some passers-by have informed the police about this. Pandesara Police Station Inspector K.B. Hale said that according to the autopsy report, 86 marks of injury on the body of the girl were found. Even after getting marks on private parts, it seems that he was tortured and raped with him. He was strangled.

Video Credit: – NDTV

The details of this case are today made by Surat Police Commissioner Satish Sharma by making a press conference. He said that an FIR has been lodged against unknown people under sections 302, 323 and 376 of the IPC and under the provisions of Poxo law.


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